Political Risk and Emerging Market Equities: Applications in an Index Framework

Posted on 06/10/2021

This article is sponsored by S&P Dow Jones Indices.

Political risk is widely presumed to affect emerging market equities. However, its impact has historically been difficult to assess due to the lack of quantifiable, systematic, and standardized political risk metrics.

The growing popularity of alternative data derived from natural language processing and sentiment analysis of global news media has opened new opportunities in the political risk space, including novel methods of devising systematic investment and asset allocation frameworks that are uniquely informed by a new generation of political risk indicators.

To take advantage of this development, S&P Dow Jones Indices has collaborated with GeoQuant, an AI-driven political risk data firm, to devise a best-in-class Emerging Markets Political Risk-Tilted Concept Index (hereafter the “Political Risk-Tilted Concept Index” or “Concept Index”).

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