See Why Institutional Investors are Buying Multi-Family Properties in Oklahoma

Posted on 09/19/2021

Institutional investors allocate globally, but many are looking into America’s heartland. Here are some reasons why institutional investors are buying multi-family properties in Oklahoma.

According to Vesta Capital, they believe:

“1. Experienced Management and Investing Team Sponsor currently owns and manages 5,300+ units across 19 properties with a combined value in excess of $350 million. With over 150 employees, subsidiary management company provides full operational control and on-site monitoring capabilities.

2. Apartments Provide Strong Yields and an Inflation Hedge Sponsor has been highly successful managing multi-family assets in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, achieving yields of 10%+ in 2020. The Group specializes in acquiring off-market properties at substantial discounts. Investors have opportunities to invest in specific properties with target IRR of +16%.

3. Strong Economic Drivers. Tulsa and Oklahoma City have strong and diversified economies, yielding a stable renter pool.”

Source: Vesta Capital.

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