3Q 2021 – SWFI Institutional Investor Media Rankings

Posted on 10/28/2021

SWFI is using Similarweb data to rank the most influential websites covering institutional investors such as sovereign wealth funds, pensions, and endowments. SWFI research looked for news and information sites in the sector. Many niche publications and info sites were not tracked as the web traffic was not meaningful compared to the larger properties.

Fund managers and service providers are looking for ways to market to institutional investors. The rankings provided here shows the digital landscape, as more people globally continue to use the internet and rely less on print.

3Q 2021 – SWFI Institutional Investor Media Rankings by Global Rank

Rank Name of Site URL Global Rank US Country Rank Category Rank Investing
1 Bloomberg bloomberg.com 905 395  
2 Institutional Investor institutionalinvestor.com 147,448 84,833 778
3 Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute swfinstitute.org 276,521 157,929 1,467
4 Pensions and Investments pionline.com 307,315 108,657 1,014
5 IPE ipe.com 326,108 246,773 2,276
6 Private Equity International privateequityinternational.com 372,348   581
7 Hedgeweek hedgeweek.com 437,971 412,239 3,507
8 AI-CIO ai-cio.com 611,949 233,594 2,149
9 Buyouts Insider buyoutsinsider.com 650,011 302,817 2,719
10 Top1000Funds.com top1000funds.com not ranked not ranked not ranked

Data from Similarweb.
Data pulled from September 2021 period.
Learn more about Similarweb: https://www.similarweb.com/

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