Gary C. Hatton of Granahan Investment Management Dies at 65

Posted on 12/01/2021

Gary C. Hatton is a Co-Founder and Senior Managing Director at Granahan Investment Management Inc. Hatton has died at age 65, suddenly at his vacation home in New Hampshire on November 28, 2021. Hatton is survived by his wife, Jill; four children; and three grandchildren. Hatton is an avid runner who completed 11 Boston Marathons. For training, he’d regularly run the 10 miles from his Boston Beacon Hill home to the firm’s office in Waltham, Mass. He also was a passionate Boston Bruins hockey fan, and rarely missed a game.

Jack Granahan and Jane White founded Granahan Investment Management (GIM) in 1985, followed shortly by Gary, who joined as a healthcare analyst. He started managing the healthcare portion of the firm’s portfolios in 1996.

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