Applicants Lock in for ScotWind Leasing

Posted on 01/17/2022

Crown Estate Scotland disclosed the outcome of its application process for ScotWind Leasing, the first Scottish offshore wind leasing round in over a decade and the first ever since the management of offshore wind rights were devolved to Scotland. The results coming just months after Glasgow hosted the global COP26 climate conference show the huge opportunity that Scotland has to transform its energy market and move towards a net zero economy. 17 projects have been selected out of a total of 74 applications, and have now been offered option agreements which reserve the rights to specific areas of seabed. A total of just under £700 million will be paid by the successful applicants in option fees and passed to the Scottish Government for public spending.

Map reference Lead applicant Option Fees Technology Total capacity (MW)
1 BP Alternative Energy Investments £85,900,000 Fixed 2,907
2 SSE Renewables £85,900,000 Floating 2,610
3 Falck Renewables £28,000,000 Floating 1,200
4 Shell New Energies £86,000,000 Floating 2,000
5 Vattenfall £20,000,000 Floating 798
6 DEME £18,700,000 Fixed 1,008
7 DEME £20,000,000 Floating 1,008
8 Falck Renewables £25,600,000 Floating 1,000
9 Ocean Winds £42,900,000 Fixed 1,000
10 Falck Renewables £13,400,000 Floating 500
11 Scottish Power Renewables £68,400,000 Floating 3,000
12 BayWa £33,000,000 Floating 960
13 Offshore Wind Power £65,700,000 Fixed 2,000
14 Northland Power £3,900,000 Floating 1,500
15 Magnora £10,300,000 Mixed 495
16 Northland Power £16,100,000 Fixed 840
17 Scottish Power Renewables £75,400,000 Fixed 2,000
Totals   £699,200,000   24,826

Crown Estate Scotland is the public corporation of the Scottish Government responsible for the management of land and property in Scotland owned by the monarch in right of the Crown. It is responsible for a range of rural, coastal and marine assets which are held ‘in right of the Crown’. Crown Estate Scotland’s main income source is from leases on the property, which is mostly in sectors such as offshore renewables, farming, tourism and aquaculture. The corporation is one of the largest property managers in Scotland, managing assets worth £385.8 million. A bill based on the Smith Commission’s recommendations became law as the Scotland Act 2016 in March 2016. This made provision for the devolution for the management and revenues of Crown Estate assets in Scotland. Crown Estate Scotland was established by The Crown Estate Scotland (Interim Management) Order 2017. Under The Crown Estate Transfer Scheme 2017, the existing functions of the Crown Estate Commissioners and the rights and liabilities set out in the transfer scheme transferred from the Crown Estate Commissioners to Crown Estate Scotland on 1 April 2017.

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