DAILY DOSE: August 3, 2022

Posted on 08/03/2022

1. Alaska Airlines announced today it has finalized an agreement with biofuel company Gevo Inc., to purchase its most significant sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) offtake commitment to date – 185 million gallons of SAF over five years starting in 2026. This agreement was developed alongside others in the oneworld alliance. In 2016, Alaska and Gevo made history by flying the world’s first commercial flight using forest residuals from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., powered by a 20 percent blend of SAF. Alaska Airlines is using SAF in its operations in California and works with multiple producers and other partners to use and facilitate the development of additional SAF supply in the future.

2. Antin Infrastructure Partners’ Flagship Fund V has made its first investment in Hamburg-based Blue Elephant Energy. Blue Elephant Energy is a renewable energy company focused on developing, acquiring and operating solar and wind farms across Europe and in Latin America. Blue Elephant Energy operates 67 solar and 13 wind power plants in eight countries, with a power generation capacity of around 1.3 gigawatts.

3. GCC Fintech Milestone. Dubai-based Tabby is another buy now, pay later company. Atalaya Capital Management and existing investor Partners for Growth (PFG) agreed to a US$ 150 million credit facility for Tabby.

4. The CDC recorded 6,326 cases of monkeypox in the U.S. This is just months after the first U.S. case was detected.

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