Yale Endowment Outperforms Ivy League Peers for Latest Fiscal Year 2022

Posted on 10/29/2022

The Yale Investment Office oversees the endowment for Yale University. Yale University is the only Ivy League school that generated a positive return in the latest fiscal year for its endowment portfolios. In addition, Yale University’s 0.8% endowment return for 2022 was its lowest return since 2009. David Swensen, Yale’s long-time chief investment officer, passed away in 2021.

Annual Endowment Returns – Latest Fiscal Year 2022

School Fiscal Year 2022 Endowment Return
University of Michigan 2.2%
Yale University 0.8%
University of Pennsylvania 0.0%
Cornell University -1.3%
Duke University -1.5%
Princeton University -1.5%
Harvard University -1.8%
Dartmouth College -3.1%
Stanford University -4.2%
Brown University -4.6%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology -5.3%
Cambridge Associates – Mean College Endowment Return -6.5%
Bowdoin College -7.1%
Columbia University -7.6%
University of California Endowment -7.6%

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