Dogecoin Rises on Elon Musk Boost

Posted on 04/07/2023

It’s been a busy week on Twitter, with profitable repercussions for Dogecoin, the payment system that started as a joke between developers Billy Markus and Jason Palmer. Twitter’s app logo changed to Dogecoin’s Shiba Inu image this week, touting the cryptocurrency to users. Dogecoin jumped 30% on the move. It has been on the scene since 2013, but it is only worth US$ .01 so far. Elon Musk had earlier supported the idea from a user, and is now following through.

NPR Angry With Musk

Musk has labeled NPR “State-Affiliated Media” on Twitter, a brand the public broadcaster disagrees with, saying only 1% of its funding comes from the government. NPR fears it could cause the public to question its journalistic integrity and has refused to tweet. Musk is considering changing the label.

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