Tesla “Master Plan” To Eliminate Oil and Coal

Posted on 05/10/2023

Tesla has confirmed its plans for a green energy landscape, calling the current energy mix “unsustainable.” Per the report: “A sustainable energy economy is technically feasible and requires less investment and less material extraction than continuing today’s unsustainable energy economy. While many prior studies have come to a similar conclusion, this study seeks to push the thinking forward related to material intensity, manufacturing capacity, and manufacturing investment required for a transition across all energy sectors worldwide.”

Tesla takes particular aim at mining, refining and burning fuels to create electricity. It wants these processes stopped. Tesla adds, “This plan considers onshore/offshore wind, solar, existing nuclear and hydro as sustainable electricity generation sources, and considers existing biomass as sustainable although it will likely be phased out over time.”

Tesla’s multi-step plan to switch to an electrified energy economy includes 6 parts: 1. Repower the Existing Grid with Renewables 2. Switch to Electric Vehicles. 3. Switch to Heat Pumps in Residential, Business & Industry. 4. Electrify High Temperature Heat Delivery and Hydrogen Production. 5. Sustainably Fuel Planes & Boats. 6. Manufacture the Sustainable Energy Economy

China’s US$ 2.45 billion financial services company China Asset Management is a believer in Tesla, picking up 82,900 shares in late February, 2023. Norges Bank has also increased its holdings, carrying 28,085,245 shares as the 6th largest company owner.

The report, Master Plan Part 3, may be read in its entirety here: https://www.tesla.com/ns_videos/Tesla-Master-Plan-Part-3.pdf

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