Global Wealth Conference London 2023 Reveals the GOOD Fellows Initiative

Posted on 06/05/2023

The GOOD Fellows Initiative: A New Paradigm in Global Wealth Discourse

SWFI held the first part of its event at the historic House of Commons, see panel photo below.

The GOOD Talk Series started at the Global Wealth Conference 2023 (GWC) in London at the Great Hall in Guildhall.

8 GOOD Talks were held at Guildhall. Below were the following talks held:

1. Lord Meghnad Desai, Baron Desai
2. The Rt Honourable The Lord Mayor Nicholas Stephen Leland Lyons (Alderman)
3. Matthew Hurn, OBE, Chief Financial Officer, Disruptive Technologies, Mubadala Investment Company
4. David Papazian, Chief Executive Officer, Armenian National Interests Fund and Chairman of Fly Arna
5. Abdurehman Eid Tahir, Chief Executive Officer, Ethiopian Investment Holdings
6. Vivek Anand Oberoi (Actor and family office focused on impact investing)
7. Jitendra Bissessur – Chief Executive Officer, Mauritius Investment Corporation
8. H.E. Udaya Indrarathna, Sri Lankan Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates

GOOD Talks

Above is a photo at Guildhall of one of the GOOD Talks between SWFI Chairman Lakshmi Narayanan and Matthew Hurn of Mubadala Investment Company.

GOOD Awards

David Papazian was awarded the “Good Fellow” Award of the SWFI. The award is given for personal efforts and achievements in the field of wealth creation. Lakshmi Narayanan, Chairman of the SWFI had a Q&A session with ANIF’s CEO about Mr. Papazian’s professional achievements.


Born from the pioneering vision of the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI), The GOOD Fellows Initiative heralds a dynamic shift in global wealth, setting the stage for a discourse rich in ideas and transformative potential and recognizing the “Modern greats of Wealth.” The GOOD Fellows Initiative shines a spotlight on those who are not just part of the global wealth landscape, but are actively shaping its future. It is a salute to the wealth stewards and trailblazers who, through their innovation, integrity, and inspiring commitment, are redefining the norms of wealth.

Central to the initiative is the esteemed GOOD Fellows Awards, a mark of recognition for extraordinary individuals. The laureates are the game-changers whose indelible contributions to global wealth transcend boundaries, fostering sustainable growth and infusing the wealth sphere with disruptive yet responsible innovations. These luminaries, through their unwavering commitment, innovation, and integrity, increase sustainable growth.

The GOOD Fellows Initiative transcends recognition. It is a vibrant, collaborative ecosystem fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and active discourse among global wealth thought leaders. The objective is to create an inspiring community that not only leads but reshapes wealth’s trajectory and societal impact.

A cornerstone of this endeavor is the GOOD Talk Series. Designed as a platform for meaningful dialogue, the GOOD Talk Series invites the GOOD Fellows to delve deep into the multifaceted world of wealth, its inherent challenges, opportunities, and its potential to impact society at large. This unique dialogue platform presents an opportunity for the GOOD Fellows to explore the complexities of global wealth, its inherent challenges, and boundless opportunities.

Led by SWFI Chairman, Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan, the series unfolds as intimate, 15-minute conversations that shed light on personal journeys, invaluable insights, and visions for the future. Each GOOD Talk promises a deep dive into critical topics like sustainable wealth practices, ethical leadership, innovative investment strategies, and the interplay between wealth and societal advancement. This nuanced exploration of wealth and its potential forms the crux of the GOOD Talk Series.

Beyond the talks, the Initiative is also crafting a first-of-its-kind GOOD Fellows documentary. This cinematic journey aims to delve into the lives of these eminent personalities, tracing their strides, their perspectives on wealth, and their shared ambition for global prosperity. In essence, the GOOD Fellows Initiative, unveiled at the Global Wealth Conference 2023 in London, is more than an initiative or an award. It’s a Global Movement. A powerful conversation. A reimagining of global wealth as a catalyst for sustainable growth, shared prosperity, and societal advancement. And it will change the face of the Global Wealth, for better. As we unveil the GOOD Fellows Initiative at the Global Wealth Conference 2023 in London, we invite you to join us on this journey. Together, let’s shape the discourse, harness wealth’s transformative potential, and forge a vision for a prosperous and equitable future.

GOOD Fellows Acronyms

The Global Order of Outstanding Disruptors (GOOD) Fellows

In this context, the “Order” represents an esteemed group or society, conveying a sense of prestige and exclusivity which aligns with the high-profile nature of the award recipients. This alternative also maintains the emphasis on the global and disruptive aspects of the initiative, which are crucial elements of its identity.

Global Overachievers Orchestrating Disruption (GOOD) Fellows Initiative:
This signifies individuals who excel in their fields and are actively causing disruptive changes, creating innovative solutions in wealth management and economic landscapes.

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