Tesla Sells Record Number

Posted on 07/07/2023

Q1 2023 has come in strong for Tesla Inc., after reducing the prices on EVs the company moved 466,140 units. Production also ramped up to 480,000. “We’re not ‘starting a price war’, we’re just lowering prices to enable affordability at scale,” said Musk on Twitter. Unfortunately, profits fell 24% due to increased materials costs and the price reductions themselves.

Tweet Limit

At Twitter, Musk imposed a tweet viewing limit. Some say advertisers will flee. However, even nonpaying members can view a substantial number of tweets per day. Free users can see 1,000 tweets a day. Paying members can view 10,000. It’s also necessary now to log in to see Tweets. Twitter is said to be under threat by Meta’s Threads, but it’s not clear whether Threads will rival Twitter’s market dominance.

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