Government Pension Investment Fund Earns 5.4% in Latest Quarter

Posted on 07/10/2023

Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) managed a 5.4% gain in its new report for Q4 2022, raising the value of the fund to nearly US$ 1.4 trillion. GPIF maintains a mix of almost 50% equities to bonds, with the most recent data coming in at 51.18% bonds and 48.82% equities.

The strong Japanese stock market earned the fund 7% returns, with foreign stocks doing even better, with 8.2% returns. The fund also earned on bonds with foreign bonds pulling in 4.33% and domestic bonds 2.12%. Large funds operate on a lag when reporting, updated data would reveal further increases in domestic equities, for example, since the end of Q4.

Government Pension Investment Fund is an agency of the Japanese government. It is the largest fund of retirement savings in the world.

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