South Africa Erupts In Violence

Posted on 08/07/2023

The Wall Street Journal suggests an itinerary for “Two Perfect Days in Cape Town” but those days may have to wait. Cape Town is facing social unrest, with the spark being new parking rules, but analysts suggest the deeper cause is economic or social division. A similar theme has been playing out in France. The IMF says South Africa has to do something about the energy crisis and unemployment ravaging the country. According to the IMF: “Far-reaching reforms are needed to achieve job-rich, inclusive, and greener growth.” Inflation and government debt are also serious problems, says the IMF. An upscale hotel costs US$ 1,000 and many travel sights point tourists to world-class destinations, but 40% or more of the population lives in challenging circumstances. A typical worker with a full-time job earns US$ 1,700 per month in Cape Town, and GDP per capita in the country is US$ 6,694.

One was killed and several were wounded as an unruly crowd had a dispute with a gun owner. The shooter is expected to face legal consequences according to police. Firebombs and cars set on fire have become the norm over the last few days. The taxi union is at the center of the protests, but says it is not to blame for the violence. A community safety officer was also killed as a result of the tension.

In the most recent protest, 35 were arrested for unruly behavior. Buses, cars, and trucks were on fire as bullets flew past police and the highway was closed. Shootings occurred at the rail station and the airport. Officials say the city infrastructure is being targeted. The media has suggested that the protestors are coming from the impoverished areas of the city and surrounding camps.

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