“HODL” Investors have 14.550 Million Bitcoin

Posted on 08/08/2023

Long-term investors in bitcoin have 14.599 million under their control says analyst Glassnode. That’s US$ 1.274 billion more than bitcoin fans had a week ago, or 43,949 bitcoin. To be considered long-term, an investor must have bitcoin for 155 days. Over three-quarters of the supply is now in the hands of HODLers. With Michael Saylor’s suggestion that the next halving event will bring a sharp increase in the price, a significant sum will likely be won or lost in the coming year as bitcoin chooses a direction. The cryptocurrency remains above US$ 29,000, even rising to US$ 29,776 today. Retaking US$ 30,000 has proven a challenge, but buyers have also stepped in when prices fell into the US$ 28,000 range.

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