Coinbase Declares Three Milestones

Posted on 09/08/2023

In a new announcement, popular crypto exchange Coinbase says priority markets for expansion will be Brazil, Singapore, and Australia. What does this mean for U.S. investors? In its report “The United States of Crypto,” Coinbase says cryptocurrency is most owned in the states of California, New Jersey, Washington, New York, Colorado, Utah, Florida, Alaska, Nevada, and Massachusetts.

As for popularity within the U.S., Coinbase compares itself to a reality television star: “If you want to get a sense of how interested America is in a topic, there aren’t many better benchmarks than Kim Kardashian, whose social-media dominance gives her an outsized slice of our collective consciousness. Since the beginning of this year, one of the rare ideas that grabbed even more of our attention is Bitcoin. On average, Google users have searched for Bitcoin more often than they sought out info on Kim.” Coinbase insists, “bitcoin is going mainstream in America.” Coinbase also points out that 58% of Americans say they have heard of bitcoin.

Coinbase has also announced that one million verified users now hold USDC. Another piece of news from Coinbase is the new crypto lending program it is rolling out. Intended for institutional investors, Coinbase has allocated US$ 57 million for the program.

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