MTGE Investment Corp. (MTGE Investment Corp)

MTGE Investment Corp: Real Estate Investment Trust in United States, North America

MTGE Investment Corp. (MTGE Investment Corp) is a Real Estate Investment Trust located in Bethesda, MD United States, North America, and was founded in 2011. Current Assets for MTGE Investment Corp is $5,659,156,000 and SWFI has 2 periods of historical assets available for CSV Export.

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This profile is no longer active or updated.

MTGE Investment Corp Details

Name:MTGE Investment Corp
Legal Name:MTGE Investment Corp.
DBA:MTGE Investment Corp
Region:North America
Country:United States
Established At:2011
Type:Real Estate Investment Trust

MTGE Investment Corp Contact Information

Address:2 Bethesda Metro Center 12th Floor Bethesda MD 20814 United States
Region:North America
Country:United States

MTGE Investment Corp Asset Allocation

SegmentPercentageAmount (USD)
Public EquitySegment percentages and amounts available on
Fixed Income
Real Estate
Private Equity
Private Credit
Hedge Funds
Natural Resources

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