Maine Public Employees Retirement System – Consultants

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Consultants and Service Providers Key Executives and People

Consultants or Service Providers

Consultants or Service Providers Type Start Date End Date Notes
JP Morgan Worldwide Securities Master Custodian April 2011    
Cambridge Associates General Consultant April 2015    
Cliffwater Private Equity Consultant     FY 2014 Fees US$ 550,000
Cliffwater Infrastructure Consultant December 2011    
ORG Real Estate Consultant     FY 2014 Fees US$ 296,206
Strategic Investment Solutions General Consultant   April 2015 FY 2014 Fees US$ 356,250
Hewitt EnnisKnupp Infrastructure Consultant   December 2011  
Service Providers
Glass, Lewis & Co., LLC Service Provider – Proxy Services      
Cheiron Actuarial Services      
Baker Newman & Noyes, LLC External Auditor      
John F. Fleming Internal Auditor    


Dated: September 2015