Follow the Money – Episode 16


In this episode, I get Nicholas Garrott’s insider perspective on post-Brexit, the future of the United Kingdom and asset owner European targets, from a macroeconomic expert who served under former London Mayor Boris Johnson’s administration. Garrott now works for Kyklos London. Kyklos London was founded by Dr Gerard Lyons. I ask Nicholas on his thoughts regarding the Bank of England, trade flows, wealth funds and real estate.

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0:45 A Brexit BOOM or Brexit Bust?
3:50 Going Over PMI Numbers
5:20 Where Long-Term Pensions and Wealth Funds Are Placing Money in the UK
8:10 U.K. – Loosening Austerity and Pro-Infrastructure
9:15 Analyzing Trade Flows
11:30 U.K. and German Trade Relations
12:40 The Norway Model Question

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Our guest
Nicholas Garrott has several years experience as an economist in the financial services industry, academically and within the UK Civil Service. He is well qualified to support Gerard as he has many years as his personal supporting advisor. He has a number of supporting academic qualifications in economics, history and politics that allow him to undertake a broad base of research topics. Most recently he co-wrote with Gerard the influential Europe Report and has worked on infrastructure impact studies, investment studies and policy creation advisory projects for emerging economies around the world (including Africa). Nicholas also has experience with international investment, regularly advising UK government bodies on how to attract flows from abroad. He is also a recognised expert on Sovereign Wealth Funds.

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