US Public Opinion is Weary on Foreign Investment According to Survey

According to Public Strategies Inc, a polling firm, “A majority of American voters think investment by foreign governments in U.S. companies harms U.S. national security interests, and nearly half believe such investments harm the American economy, according to a new survey of the attitudes of U.S. voters toward sovereign-wealth funds.

The survey, conducted by Public Strategies, Inc., reveals that American voters are especially wary of U.S. investment by governments in the Middle East, Russia and China.

  • Nearly three in four voters — 72% — believe foreign governments don’t reveal enough about their investment portfolios.
  • Nearly as many, 68%, think that allowing foreign government investment in U.S. companies gives foreign governments too much control over the U.S. marketplace.
  • Solid majorities of American voters particularly oppose government investment from Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia (68% oppose), Abu Dhabi (62%), and Kuwait (59%).
  • A majority of American voters also oppose investment by China, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies (65% oppose), as well as the governments of Russia (61%), and Hong Kong (51%)..

read more about the methodology: Public Strategies Inc.

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