SWFI Certified

Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute ® research will analyze the audited or government-formulated financial statements and documents of your organization.

SWFI Certified

What does it mean?

SWFI builds out entity profiles in its extensive coverage universe. SWFI certification means that SWFI research have analyzed the audited or government-formulated financial statements and documents of the parent entity. Not all entity profiles are the sole parent entity. Part of the analysis include analyzing the financials, investments, key people, and governance of the entity. SWFI can also request relevant documents from the audited entity during its analysis. Third-party intelligence may be used. Once SWFI has conducted its analysis and the information is updated within SWFI’s terminal site on that entity’s specific profile, the entity can received a certified mark on its profile pages.

Validation and Audit

The SWFI certification stamp is valid for a 3-year period. The stamp can be removed upon SWFI discretion in cases of material changes of the information utilized and in other circumstances.

SWFI audit fees are paid for by the entity requesting an audit to receive the certified mark.

Why is this important?

Getting SWFI certified is a statement showing that your organization is committed to a reasonable level of transparency. SWFI adds a human element on company and investor research.

Many cross-border organizations are operating in a non-transparent fashion, whether for strategic, legal, or even nefarious purposes. SWFI believes some level of transparency is important for its subscribers and the broader community. Furthermore, data companies and the companies that conduct research from the derived “scrapped” data rely heavily upon automation in collecting and displaying financial and investment data. SWFI has uncovered numerous instances in which data companies that undergo heavy data “scrapping” have incorrectly created profiles on non-existent entities, or even provided materially false information.


  • Uncovering of “fake family offices”
  • Fake shell companies
  • Dated information
  • Fake people

Last, SWFI understands that some entities do not want all of their information open – by being SWFI certified, that information is behind the SWFI terminal for SWFI subscribers to view.

SWFI cannot claim accuracy even if an entity has been SWFI certified, as SWFI relies on third-party information such as audited statements and other documents. SWFI certified is not an endorsement of the entity, nor should it be used when considering conducting business, affairs, or any other arrangement with the entity or entity-related parties. Please read the full terms of service.